Jan. 28th, 2018

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Comment here to claim your bingo wins for the 2018 challenge.

You can also claim by emailing sentinel.bingo (at) gmail dot com

When you comment or email, let us know:

  • The card you were assigned (post the link from your assignment email)
  • Whether you are claiming a line, a cross or a full card.
  • How you want your “prize” – by email or comment reply
  • And, of course, links to the fanworks that make up your bingo win (5 for a line or a cross, 25 for a full card).

Put your links in the format:

Prompt – type of fanwork – title – link

e.g. Prompt: Coming Home – Drabble – Coming Home – http://.....

If you have done anything special with your prompts, such as linked stories that have to be read in a particular order, include that after the links.

The mods will check your claim and send on your winners badge, or let you know what’s wrong if your claim isn’t valid. Give us a couple of days to do this, but do chase us if it takes too long; sometimes comment emails do get lost.
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Comment here to request a card to play Sentinel Bingo. You can also request a card by emailing sentinel.bingo (at) gmail dot com

Full details of how the challenge works are in our AO3 profile.

You can request only one card at a time, but if we send you a card you really can’t use, you may request a swap – ONCE. If you don’t like the second one, either, you’re stuck with it until you claim a bingo.

Here’s what we need to know when you comment or email:

  • Your name/pseud – whatever name you want on your winners’ graphic
  • Whether you want a Gen or Slash card (see the details on AO3 linked above for how this works)
  • Your email address if you want your card emailed to you. (If you don’t provide an email address we’ll reply to your comment instead.)


Once you receive your card, you can start creating whatever fanworks you like to fit the prompts.

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